Our skin is our largest organ, and one of the most complex. It performs a number of vital functions.
Let us help you build a barrier to the external environment that holds our organs together!
We really need to love the skin we’re in that provides immunological protection and it regulates our temperature. Each of these activities is extremely important in maintaining our overall health.

With the skin playing such an incredible role, it’s important that we sooth and support through natural organic treatments and pampering. 

What damages the skin?

Our skin is a great indicator of our general health. For example, compromised health problems such as diabetes and liver dis-ease will often present in the skin, causing discoloration, dryness and itchiness. Undiagnosed food allergies, thyroid disorders and high levels of stress and anxiety can also cause challenges.

Beyond medical conditions, there are other factors that damage the skin. An unhealthy diet deprives the body of essential nutrients and minerals, something which will soon become evident in a less vibrant complexion, causing a sallow, dry and wrinkled skin. Smokers will notice poor skin health, since nicotine prevents oxygen and nutrients from flowing to skin cells. Other pollutants also take their toll on the skin, leaving it congested and inflamed.

However, sun exposure, some medical treatment and the toxins we use on our skin takes less than 30 seconds to absorb into our skin not always allowing us to enjoy the skin we’re in. But, it’s time to Feel The Heal!

Deep beneath the surface

A lot of sun damage happens deep beneath the surface. When we are exposed to sunlight, millions of free radicals are released into our skin, damaging our skin cells and hindering its ability to repair cells and function properly. It’s all too easy to forget about this deep cell damage, because symptoms aren’t always visible on the surface of the skin.

The best way to identify deep damage is with a professional skin analysis, which captures multi- spectral images of the skin to reveal its true condition. While at a superficial level, we might notice things like uneven tone and blemishes, at a much deeper level the skin analysis will reveal UV damage, pigmentation and prominent blood vessels.

We all need to take care of our skin

We must bear in mind that ‘health’ can look different on different skin types. For instance, lighter skin tones, particularly types I and II on the Fitzpatrick scale, will be more prone to burning and blistering after sun exposure. Lighter skin tones will notice fine lines and pigmentation as the first signs of long-term sun damage. Meanwhile, darker skin types, such as Asian or Mediterranean, are less likely to burn but more likely to notice thickening blood vessels and pigmentation.

Different skin types are also prone to different symptoms like dryness, enlarged pores or blemishes. And just because our skin might look ‘healthy’ on the outside, that’s not to say that there isn’t damage underneath. That’s why it’s so important for all of us to take care of our skin.

Sun protection, all year round

The most crucial part of any skin care routine is maintaining moisture and applying a high-level broad- spectrum SPF, every single day.

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